Understanding Users - Digital vs. Analog

Status: ongoing

Runtime: 2017 -

Participants: Preetha Moorthy, Raphael Wimmer

Keywords: Digital media, Analog, Qualitative and Quantitative data, E-Ink, Paper documents


Understanding the users and their interaction with technology as well as physical and digital workflow at the workplace.



Understanding the users and their physical and digital workflow plays a crucial role in designing and implementing a system. Our first step to answering our research questions is understanding affordances. The approach we want to use in achieving this is by conducting interviews with the workers from their respective fields and conducting focus group discussions. In existing literature, authors talk about the challenges in design and the results of their evaluation of implementing mobile information technology at hospitals.

Questions addressed

  • What is the users' opinion of working with digital media (e.g. Systems) in comparison to analog media (e.g. documents and files)? (advantages /disadvantages/ usage/ usability etc.,)
  • How do users organise their documents/data? (digital /analog)
  • What are the best ways to transfer analog data to digital?
  • How to collaborate digital and paper media?
  • How to users make use of the digital devices (home/work)?
    • find possible interaction techniques used on personal/home devices and use those techniques in the workplace
  • What is our target group?
    • People working at the Hospitals (e.g. Nurses)
    • People in Public Administration offices

Target Group - Klinikum

  • Initial Tasks of Understanding Users
    • Observational study
      • Routine workflow of Nurses at the Hospital Ward
        1. Where/ When/ How the Nurse does What?
        2. What kind of artifacts are used in their workflow?
      • Workflow of a Hospital ward
        1. How do they organise/order patient files and documents?
        2. How do they gain access/gain information to/from the patient files?
        3. If system search - Manual query (patient name or number) or Technical Query (Barcode, QR code scan)
        4. Workflow / Routine when making rounds in the ward with /without Doctors, what kinds of artifacts are used?
        5. What kind of system / Technology do the Hospital wards already use?
          1. if technology available do they use it?
          2. how often and how long do they use it? What do they do?
          3. do they prefer to still acquire information physically using analog paper documents?
    • Interviews with Nurses / Caregivers (Qualitative)
    • Questionnaires (Quantitative)




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