Cool Hardware

Sensors and other hardware that might be useful for ubiquitous computing projects:

  • Pixart PAJ7025R2 - 'multiple objects tracking (MOT) sensor which integrates a high quality CMOS image sensor, image processing DSP and SPITM protocol. PAJ7025 captures grey image by built-in sensor and analyzes objects with proprietary image processing DSP. Object features including object area, object center coordinate, 4-way object boundary, average/maximum object brightness, object radius, object range, and aspect ratio are accessible through SPITM interface.In the application environment the moving object(s) could have active IR light source or passive IR reflector. Resolution: 4095×4095 px (interpolated?), 10-200 fps, up to 16 objects.' Datasheet
  • Pixart PMW3360DM-T2QU - 'high end gaming sensor which comprises of navigation sensor and IR LED integrated in a 16pin molded lead-frame DIP package. It provides best in class gaming experience with the enhanced features of high speed, high resolution, high accuracy and selectable lift detection height to fulfill professional gamers need. The sensor comes with self-adjusting variable frame rate algorithm to enable wireless gaming application.' Seems to allow dumping camera image by reading from a register. Arduino code.
  • Pixart ADBS-A350 - 'a small form factor (SFF) IR LED illuminated optical finger navigation system, capable of high-speed motion detection up to 20 ips. In addition, it has an on-chip oscillator and integrated LED to minimize external components. The sensor is programmed via registers through either a serial peripheral interface or a two wire interface port. It is packaged in a 28 I/O surface mountable package.'