We present the goals and methods of the VIGITIA project in a position paper. The paper will be presented at the VARECo workshop on September 8, 2019, as part of the Mensch und Computer 2019 conference.

In the BMBF project VIGITIA, we want to explore how projected AR content can support and extend physical actions and interactions at tables. To this end, we are investigating how tables are used in everyday life and in creative domains. Based on this, we develop interaction techniques and digital tools to support these activities. In particular, we are investigating how personal digital devices can be integrated, and how multiple remote table surfaces can be generically connected virtually. Special attention is also given to the development of technical solutions for content projection and camera-based object recognition that are suitable for everyday use. This position paper presents our motivations, goals, and methods. A scenario illustrates the intended uses.

download paper Wimmer, R. and Echtler, F. (2019) VIGITIA: Unterstützung von alltäglichen Tätigkeiten an Tischen durch Projected AR - PDF, 500 kB