The VIGITIA project presented its first prototype setup to creative professionals in the context of a workshop held at the center for creative culture Degginger in Regensburg.

On January 23, 2020, we held an ideas workshop with creative professionals from Regensburg. The question was how and where intelligent tables can support creative professionals in their work.

Our system should recognize “intelligent” and “less intelligent” objects and integrate them into the interaction at the dining table, desk or on work surfaces through projected augmented reality. In doing so, we focus on participatory and interactive design - so for us, the users are primarily at the center of the development. In order to find out what requirements and usage contexts the everyday working lives of creative professionals entail, we would like to gather feedback from people who work creatively at tables.

The ideas workshop took place in the rooms of the DEGGINGER cultural and creative center. Participants from various backgrounds were invited to share their experiences and thoughts concerning the use of tables in their daily routines as well as regarding their suggestions on how “intelligent” tables might be able to support their (inter-)activities on and around tables in work as well as everyday contexts. On this occasion, we also demonstrated our first prototype.

Results and impressions

The significance that tables have for us in our (working) everyday life, how we arrange the objects on them and how we deal with them can vary greatly from person to person. “Draw your table” was therefore the motto of the ideas workshop - we would like to thank the participants for the visual insights they gave us:

Our “post-it-session” on the question “What do I associate with tables?” opened up a wide field of the most diverse associations, references, contexts, functions and meanings. This already reflects the diverse network of relationships between people and (their) tables, which will be further explored in the course of the VIGITIA project.