Review of a great and insightful week at the Degginger Creative Center.

How will people and computers interact with each other in the future and what happens when we make our environment “intelligent”? The VIGITIA research project literally brings these questions to the table: In mid-September, we presented our current VIGITIA prototypes in the pop-up room of Regensburg's DEGGINGER creative center. Despite Corona restrictions, we were able to welcome over 100 guests to our week-long exhibition - thank you very much!

The topic around the projected extension of objects on tables was very well received. We not only wanted to present ourselves as a joint project, but above all to hear your opinion on the topic of “intelligent” tables and their possible applications in everyday life. You gave us great support in this. Your feedback and ideas have given us new insights for the further development of our research project. This allows us to plan and design our next steps in development.

We expect to present the next update of our VIGITIA research project in April 2021. We look forward to your visit!