Project: Touch tracking and surface projection (by EXTEND3D)

In the course of VIGITIA's collaboration with EXTEND3D, a master's thesis entitled “Touch Tracking on Surfaces using multiple optical Sensors” and a report on the topic of projection surfaces were produced at EXTEND3D.

Status: finished

Runtime: 2020-10-01 - 2021-08-30


Keywords: vigitia

As part of the joint project VIGITIA, our project partners from EXTEND3D in Munich are investigating how projected augmented reality (PAR) can support and enrich everyday interactions around tables. In particular they focused on projection onto different kinds of table surfaces as well as enabling touch tracking.

Here's two publications that provide information about their work:

  • Brammer, Chris (2021). Touch Tracking on Surfaces using multiple optical Sensors. Master's thesis at the University of Applied Sciences Munich. PDF
  • Brammer, Chris & Heuser, Nicolas (2021). Projection surfaces. Report. PDF