Project: Custom HTML Editor for an internal Content Management Scenario

A previewable editor for facilitating a specific content management task at the University of Regensburg.

Status: completed

Runtime: 2020 - 2020

Participants: Felix Riedl, Raphael Wimmer

Keywords: editor, digital_university

This project has been developed as support for an internal content management task. It

  • provides a simple tool for creating tabbed navigation for non-IT student assistants.
  • provides compatible, self-contained HTML, JS and CSS to be used within a CMS.

The current workflow for creating and updating location plans of the University of Regensburg for visitors with impairments requires manual reformating of directions texts into an encoded HTML format. As student assistants in charge of phrasing and updating those directions mostly originate from domains far from the IT field, more extensive additions to this kind of content are a big challenge.

The current version of the html editor enables student assistants to create a two-level tabbed navigation structure suitable for the directions use case, utilizing a simplified, XML-like markup for use case-specific structures. Also, it features a Live Preview to check the work results before submitting changes to a live version.

The styling of the tabs is responsive to touch screen usage and offers simplified operation through bigger nav buttons.

This tool uses quilljs, an open source Rich Text Editor for the web. Visit its makers at