Project: Analysing the eAkte/eFile landscape in Germany

Eine Untersuchung der eAkten-Landschaft in Deutschland

Status: on hold

Runtime: 2017 -

Participants: Isabella Hastreiter, Lucia Eckl, Raphael Wimmer

Keywords: eAkte, eFile, Germany, survey

Get a better understanding of how public administration and solution providers approach eAkte/eFile workflows.

2017-11-14 - We are currently preparing an overview of eAkte/eFile systems, projects, legislation, and key players. To this end, we attended the Jahrestagung eAkte in Berlin on 15./16.11.2017. Report to follow.

As outlined in the description of the research group's goals, we aim to critically observe and improve how public administration and other organisations approach the transformation of paper-based workflows to digital systems. As a starting point and ongoing focus of our research, we want to collect basic information and opinions from all parties involved in the transformation.