Project: Wireless printing on an E-Paper display

integrating e-ink displays into document workflows

Status: ongoing

Runtime: 2017 -

Participants: Laurin Muth, Andreas Schmid

Keywords: CUPS, LPD, printing, e-Ink

By using the native print function with CUPS (macOS, Linux), a document should be sent to a 10.2” e-Ink display as fast as possible.

At the moment, the software running on a Raspberry Pi with CUPS simulates an LPD network printer, which converts the document and sends it via WIFI to an ESP8266 (Wemos R1 D2) with an 10.2” e-Ink display. The basic functions are all implemented and the next step is to increase performance.

Current approaches use awkward or time-consuming solutions like proprietary software or snycing files via cloud services. These problems should be solved now by this project.