Project: Universal Files

Files and directories as information substrate

Status: ongoing

Runtime: 2017 -

Participants: Raphael Wimmer

Keywords: WIP, files, data structures,

File systems, containing files and directories, are a ubiquitous technical solution for organizing digital data. As a basic lingua franca of all applications, they facilitate interoperability between applications. At the same time, files and directories are an established and easy to grasp metaphor for users. In this project we aim to explore how the files and directories metaphor can be extended and embraced in user interfaces.

2018-04-09:: Raphael presented Files as Directories at Salon de Refusés 2018. A preprint is linked on the workshop website. An official version will be published in the Proceedings of <Programming 2018>.


Presenting 'Files as Directories' at Salon de Refusés 2018 (2018-04-09)

On 9. April 2018, Raphael Wimmer presented initial work on using file system semantics for accessing structured data within files at the Salon de Refusés 2018. (more...)