Project: Vigitia Meets Degginger (September 2020)

From September 14 to 19, 2020, we presented three prototypes to an interested public at Regensburg's Degginger Cultural and Creative Center. The three primary goals of the exhibition were to generate ideas for further application scenarios and use cases, user research, public relations and science communication.

Status: finished

Runtime: 2020-09-14 - 2020-09-19

Participants: Sarah Thanner, Vitus Maierhoefer, Philipp Huber, Julia Sageder, Raphael Wimmer

Keywords: degginger, participatory design

A “smart” table that enriches everyday life? You can look at it and try it out: The Physical-Digital Affordances research group at the University of Regensburg is displaying it in the Degginger's Pop-Up Room from September 14 to 19. The interactive exhibition is part of the VIGITIA research project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

How will people and computers interact with each other in the future and what will happen when we make our environment “intelligent”? The VIGITIA research project brings these questions to the table in the truest sense of the word: In this joint project, the University of Regensburg, Bauhaus University Weimar and EXTEND3D GmbH (Munich) are developing an “intelligent” lamp that projects information and digital tools onto dining tables, desks or work surfaces. The system is designed to recognize “intelligent” and “less intelligent” objects and integrate them into tabletop interaction - from smartphones to teaspoons. The Office of Economics and Science of the City of Regensburg supports the project as an associated partner in the field of cultural and creative industries. From September 14 to 19, 2020, the VIGITIA project will exhibit its prototypes for the first time in the pop-up room of the DEGGINGER cultural and creative center in Regensburg's old town.

And we want to know your opinion: Can a “smart” table enrich (working) days? If so, how? What creative possibilities does augmented reality offer? What do people do at tables in the first place, and how can these activities be improved with tools projected onto the table? How can we make the table more of a place for shared (experience) life again, instead of a storage area for laptops and tablets? The question of how digital technologies should shape our world in the future concerns us all - so come along, play with our prototypes, tell us what you think and actively shape research. We are looking forward to see you!

Our opening hours 14.–19. September 2020:
Mo 14:00–19:00
Tue-Fri 12:00–19:00
Sa 10:00–19:00
Enter via Tändlergasse 18
Degginger address via Google Maps

Contact for media:

Sarah Thanner
Junior Research Group “Physical-Digital Affordances”
Lehrstuhl für Medieninformatik
Universität Regensburg

Dr. Raphael Wimmer
Junior Research Group “Physical-Digital Affordances”
Lehrstuhl für Medieninformatik
Universität Regensburg

We have collected our experiences in a results report (german): Results Report "Vigitia Meets Degginger" (March 2021)