Authors: Patrick Stadler, Andreas Schmid, Raphael Wimmer

Published in: Proceedings of the Conference on Mensch und Computer 2020 (publication page)

Date: 2020-09-06

Easily replicable device for measuring the reaction time of displays. (Tweet this with link)

The latency of a computing system affects users' performance. One important component of end-to-end latency is display lag - the time required to turn framebuffer contents into photons emitted by a computer screen. However, there is no well-documented and widely available method for measuring display lag. Thus, the effect of display lag is rarely considered in scientific studies and system development. We developed DispLagBox, a simple open-source device for measuring display lag. It supports the International Display Measurements Standard but also offers additional metrics for characterizing display lag with a resolution of 0.1 ms. The device, based on a Raspberry Pi computer, measures the time between VSYNC and a change in brightness on the connected display.