Authors: Andreas Schmid, Raphael Wimmer

Published in: Proceedings of the Mensch und Computer 2019 Workshop "Be-greifbare Interaktion" (publication page)

Date: 2019-09-08

Experiences of teaching the course “Sketching with Hardware” (Tweet this with link)

Sketching with Hardware is an undergraduate university course with the goal to teach students how to build prototypes for tangible user interfaces. Goals of this course are to create awareness for tangible interaction among students and prepare them to realize advanced projects like bachelor's and master's theses in this field. In this paper, authors share their experience teaching the concepts of tangible interaction, electronics and prototyping to computer science students in a two week course. The course's content, structure and goals are explained, and needed material and infrastructure are described. The long-term effect of the course has been evaluated by conducting a survey among former participants.


Additional information about the course can be found on the Sketching with hardware projects page.