Jürgen Hahn

  • Position: PhD student
  • Phone: +49 941 4629-7537
  • Web site:
  • Address: TechBase, Room 1.103, Franz-Mayer-Str. 1, 93053 Regensburg

(coming soon…)

Sketchable Interaction at CHI21 (2021-05-08)

We will present our paper Sketchable Interaction: Drawing User Interfaces with Interactive Regions as an Interactivity (Demo) at CHI2021 conference. Further information can be found on the Sketchable Interaction page. (more...)

Co-Organizing the ZD.B Symposium (2019-11-28)

Our group co-organized and participated in the second ZD.B Symposium - the network congress for the ZD.B scientific initiatives. (more...)

Visit by the Ambassador of the Czech Republic (2019-04-25)

Tomáš Jan Podivínský, Ambassador of the Czech Republic visited our lab together with a delegation from the Regensburg Chamber of Commerce. (more...)

PDA Group at CHI '2018 (2018-04-21)

We will present a poster and a workshop paper at CHI 2018. (more...)

Jürgen Hahn joins the group (2018-02-01)

Jürgen Hahn joined our group today as a PhD student. Jürgen recently finished his M.Sc. at University of Regensburg under the supervision of Bernd Ludwig. (more...)