Project: Digital Tools for Universities

Miscellaneous Tools for tracking documents, finding rooms, organizing courses, etc.

Status: ongoing

Runtime: 2017-08-01 -

Participants: Raphael Wimmer, Marie Sautmann, Florian Bockes, Alexander Weichart, Leonie Schrod

Keywords: digital transformation, tools, university

Project: CovPass-Scanner: a dedicated solution for COVID-19 certificate scanning

Dedicated solution for COVID-19 certificate scanning.

Status: finished

Runtime: 2021 - 2022

Participants: Raphael Wimmer, Thomas Fischer, Vitus Maierhöfer

Keywords: computer vision, raspberry pi, COVID-19

Project: GraphIT

A dependency graph for learning contents.

Status: ongoing

Runtime: 2021 -

Participants: Raphael Wimmer, Alexander Weichart, Leonie Schrod

Keywords: graph, dependency_graph, education, learning


Project: PAtrack - Tracking physical personnel files in HR

PAtrack is a system for digitally tracking the location of paper files at the HR department of the University of Regensburg.

Status: ongoing

Runtime: 2018 -

Participants: Raphael Wimmer, Alexander Weichart, Clara Hilmer, Marie Sautmann

Keywords: physical files, file tracking