Thomas Fischer


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Project: Covpass-Scanner: a dedicated solution for COVID-19 certificate scanning (2021 - 2022)

Dedicated solution for COVID-19 certificate scanning.

Project: DotTrack (2017 - )

Absolute position tracking using the raw image of a mouse sensor

Project: Yet Another Latency Measuring Device (2020 - )

Measuring device for end-to-end (click to photon) latency based on cheap off-the-shelf components.

Project: RelaTrack (2018 - )

Relative position tracking of tangibles using infrared signals

Project: ScreenshotMatcher - Taking Smartphone Photos to Capture Screenshots (2020 - )

Application that allows creating screenshots of a computer screen by photographing it with a smartphone.

Project: Sketching with Hardware (2012 - )

A Course for Teaching Interactive Hardware Prototyping to Computer Science Students