Participative design in the VIGITIA project

Can a “smart” table enrich (working) days? If so, how? What creative possibilities does augmented reality offer? What do people do at tables in the first place, and how can these activities be improved with tools projected onto the table? How will digital technologies shape our everyday lives and our society in the future?

In our search for answers to these questions, we rely on participatory design approaches in the VIGITIA project. In this way, the ideas and needs, experiences, opinions and concerns of as many people as possible are to flow into our research and help shape the development process. To enable the exchange and dialogue of a wide variety of people, we organize different participatory formats - from idea workshops, to exhibitions, to the installation of prototypes in public environments and living labs. We are supported by the Office of Economics and Science of the City of Regensburg as an associated partner in the field of cultural and creative industries.


As a place of encounter and exchange, the cultural and creative center DEGGINGER in the heart of Regensburg's old town offers us an ideal platform for this. Interested parties can test the VIGITIA system there while it is still in the development phase and thus (inter)actively help shape research within the framework of various participation formats.

In the past, we have already had several opportunities to interact with the public and in spring 2022, our collaboration with the city of Regensburg will enter the next round.

Coming soon: Prototype deployment in event and hospitality space

Imagine you go out to eat and an “intelligent” table shows you the menu and informs you about the origin of the products. Or lets you bridge the waiting time for your meal with a little game. Soon, a VIGITIA prototype will turn these and other ideas into reality in the event and gastronomy room.

VIGITIA meets DEGGINGER 3.0 (15.03. - 19.03.2022)

Research you can touch: From March 15-19, the pop-up science exhibition “VIGITIA meets Degginger” went into its third round. Interested parties were able to try out our new prototypes there once again and exchange ideas with us about the wishes, concerns, thoughts and potentials of the project.

Picture: Stefan Effenhauser

VIGITIA meets Degginger 2.0 (20.09.2021 - 25.09.2021)

For the second time, we hosted a one-week pop-up science exhibition at Degginger in September 2021. In short guided tours, interested people could not only try out our new prototypes, but also exchange opinions and thoughts about the project with us, contribute new ideas and talk about potentials as well as concerns. More impressions of the exhibition can be found here.

Picture: Stefan Effenhauser

VIGITIA meets Degginger (14.09.2020 - 19.09.2020)

In September 2020, we were guests at the DEGGINGER's Pop Up space for one week. As part of the Pop-Up Science exhibition “VIGITIA meets DEGGINGER”, interested people could test three prototypes of interactive tables for one week and discuss with us about the project, possible application contexts as well as concerns and needs. Here you can find some impressions of the event.

Picture: Stefan Effenhauser

Intelligent tables in everyday life (23.01.2020)

At the beginning of 2019, we got together with creative people from Regensburg for a first ideas workshop, where we were able to get a lot of interesting ideas. Here we have recorded our impressions.