The junior research group “Physical Affordances for Digital Media and Workflows” at the University of Regensburg is led by Dr. Raphael Wimmer. It explores how the unique affordances of physical and digital media can be combined to enhance knowledge work and workflows (more about our goals).

The research group is funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts in the framework of the Centre Digitisation.Bavaria (ZD.B).

The group is associated with the Institute of Information and Media, Language and Culture (I:IMSK) and the Chair of Media Informatics at the University of Regensburg.

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2019-01-28: Erfinderworkshop am 21. und 22. Februar 2019

Am 21./22.2.2019 organisiert die Nachwuchsgruppe den diesjährigen Erfinderworkshop der GI-Fachgruppe “Be-greifbare Interaktion” in Regensburg mit dem Schwerpunkt Tangible Blocks. (more...)

2018-11-20: Stellenausschreibung: SHK/WHK zur Mitarbeit in der Gruppe

Zur Mitarbeit in der ZD.B-Nachwuchsforschungsgruppe “Physical-Digital Affordances” suchen wir mehrere engagierte studentische/wissenschaftliche Hilfskräfte. (more...)

2018-09-02: DotTrack at 'Mensch und Computer 2018' in Dresden

We will present the current state of our DotTrack project at Mensch und Computer 2018. (more...)

2018-04-21: PDA Group at CHI '2018

We will present a poster and a workshop paper at CHI 2018. (more...)

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