Physical-Digital Affordances Group, University of Regensburg


The Physical-Digital Affordances Group at the University of Regensburg explores how the unique affordances of physical and digital media can be combined to enhance knowledge work and workflows (more about our goals).

The group is associated with the Chair of Media Informatics within the Department of Informatics and Data Science. It is led by Dr. Raphael Wimmer.


2019-11-28: Co-Organizing the ZD.B Symposium

Our group co-organized and participated in the second ZD.B Symposium - the network congress for the ZD.B scientific initiatives. (more...)

2019-11-21: Prekäres Essen auf smarten Tischen? - Talk at Fulda University of Applied Sciences

On Thursday, 21. November 2019, Sarah Thanner gave a talk on possibilities and challenges in digital public health and nutrition at Fulda University of Applied Sciences. (more...)

2019-10-15: VIGITIA: Demo of first prototype

First prototype of the University of Regensburg with demo applications for the projection of cutting patterns and the “rewind” function. (more...)

2019-09-14: Presenting our research at the 60th anniversary festivities of Infineon Regensburg

Raphael Wimmer presented past and ongoing research projects at the University of Regensburg booth. (more...)

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