Physical-Digital Affordances Group, University of Regensburg


The Physical-Digital Affordances Group at the University of Regensburg explores how the unique affordances of physical and digital media can be combined to enhance knowledge work and workflows (more about our goals).

The group is associated with the Chair of Media Informatics within the Department of Informatics and Data Science. It is led by Dr. Raphael Wimmer.


2021-10-11: Project Showreel 10/2021

Check out our showreel of recent and upcoming projects. (more...)

2021-09-16: VIGITIA meets Degginger 2.0

Hands-on research: The pop-up science exhibition “VIGITIA meets Degginger” enters its second round. (more...)

2021-09-09: PDA group at Mensch und Computer 2021

We presented our projects ScreenshotMatcher (Short Paper, Demo) and DotTrack (Demo) at the Mensch und Computer 2021 conference. ScreenshotMatcher was awarded with an honorable mention award! Further information on can be found on the ScreenshotMatcher and DotTrack project page. (more...)

2021-07-08: New results of the ongoing cooperation with Industrial Design Students from OTH Regensburg

The second semester of the VIGITIA projects ongoing collaboration brought forth new exiting ideas for use cases as well as interaction design. (more...)

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