Physical-Digital Affordances Group, University of Regensburg


The Physical-Digital Affordances Group at the University of Regensburg explores how the unique affordances of physical and digital media can be combined to enhance knowledge work and workflows (more about our goals).

The group is associated with the Chair of Media Informatics within the Department of Informatics and Data Science. It is led by Dr. Raphael Wimmer.


2020-12-03: Kick-off: Cooperation with the Industrial Design students at OTH Regensburg

As part of the cooperation with the elective course “Pleasing Objects” in the Industrial Design program of the Faculty of Architecture at the OTH Regensburg, we had the pleasure to welcome fourteen students together with their lecturer Katharina Scheidig to the virtual demo show and to give an insight into the current status of the VIGITIA project. (more...)

2020-10-21: VIGITIA meets Degginger - Recap

Review of a great and insightful week at the Degginger Creative Center. (more...)

2020-09-09: VIGITIA meets Degginger

Prototypenausstellung “Interaktive Tische im Alltag” von 14.-19.9.2020 im Degginger, Regensburg (more...)

2020-09-01: DispLagBox at Mensch und Computer 2020

We will present DispLagBox, a precise and easily replicable device for measuring display latency, as a short paper at Mensch und Computer 2020. (more...)

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